Inktober 2017


I created 15 ink paintings for inktober and had a lot of fun experimenting! The inktober challenge was started by Jake Parker and the prompt is working with ink throughout the month of October. I love the sense of community it brings across IG because so many artists participate.

Although I didn't do all 31 consecutive days I still think 15 is a good amount. Next year I want to do a specific theme (hm..costumes? fairytales?) and perhaps I can make it to 31 days that way. 

Material info:

Ink:  Daler Rowey FW Acrylic Ink

Fluid Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper
Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper
Fabriano Cold Pressed Hot Press Paper
Blick Studio Watercolor Paper 

I also had fun testing out the Yasutomo Niji Waterbrush pen. 

Sketches from July & August


My friend bought me this sketchbook filled with the nicest textured paper. I've been painting mini illustrations in it. 


Ballpitmag Interview

Spoke with Ballpitmag about my illustrations! Head on over to their website where they feature a ton of talented artists. Flattered to be included with so many other amazing illustrators. 


sketches in march


Recent drawings from the moleskine sketchbook, both done in watercolor.

Ready for winter to be OVER. The weather has been as fickle as ever. If someone asks if it's hot or cold in NY, just say "yes".



Little Winter Hermit


Winter always makes me a bit of a hermit. It's the perfect time for coffee and contemplation (and watching Stranger Things again).  I've been creating some smaller works that can completed within a few hours, as a way to let go of perfectionism and embracing simplicity. 

Sketches in February


Here are some sketches from last week. Experimenting with different ways of drawing mountains. Trying to use up the last few pages from this moleskine sketchbook

Watercolor Sketches


A busy few weeks. Managed to paint a little in my sketchbook at night and early mornings. Here are two of my favorites. I suppose I've been digging purple/ombre hair lately. It might be hair envy because I could never pull that off.

Inktober Favorites


Some of my favorites from The Inktober Challenge!

scroll down to see all 31 sketches.

If you're interested in giving one of these a home, email me :


Inktober Challenge : 31 days of Ink


My second attempt at the Inktober challenge went surprisingly well! I first tried to do Inktober two years ago but could not keep up with posting work consecutively for a month. Perfectionist mindset sneaked into my brain and paralyzed me. It's sharing EVERY piece of work on Instagram that was the most challenging part. We all have "off" days when it comes to creating, but it's not something that's actively shown. Posting work I didn't love felt vulnerable and uncomfortable, but I'm glad I did it. There's always this pressure to have a amazingly curated feed, to appear like a creative master genius 365 days in a row. Funnily enough, some of the works I hated were the ones people liked the most. 

Supplies used :
FW Acrylic Artists Ink
Hobelin Gouache
Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook
Muji Sketchbook



I've decided to start a blog, an actual blog!  Social media platforms have no guarantee of permanence, most have an expiration date...I'd figure it's time to have a place in the world wide web to call my own. 

My intention for this blog is to have a space to post my process, thoughts, and to keep a record of my work as it evolves. Hopefully, a few years from now, I won't cringe too much reading posts by my younger self.

Until next time, I leave you with a sketch...this is an art blog after all!