Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio.

Here are examples of some of the work I’ve done at Uncommon Goods :

My role as a graphic designer and art customization assistant at Uncommon Goods focused on customized products and assisting the product development team in creating them. Here are some templates I created using illustrations by artists for personalized and custom art products. This included cleaning up illustrations in photoshop and illustrator, and making sure all assets go well together in various colors, composition, and text size. I also created the final artwork for these products based on customer input and special requests.

assets created in illustrator to be used on several personalized products

final art example.png
final art example
examples of final personalized art items

examples of final personalized art items

I’m also an illustrator! Here are some of my published work. I’ve worked with art directors at Lenny Letter, Rice Paper Magazine, and Maker’s Magazine.

You can find my illustration work here.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!